There are so many reasons to have a real estate agent. But I bet you are thinking the reason NOT to have a real estate agent is because you might save some money.

Here is a great article on why you need an agent. Basically it comes down to do you want to have someone fighting your battles, advertising and dealing with clients or do you want to be the one having to advertise and take care of all the issues.

Real Estate companies, such as RE/MAX, spend millions a year on advertising YOUR properties. Why would you want to do that when it is already done for you as part of the service of a Real Estate company.

Lastly, and you can take this to the bank, literally. If you are buying a property, you only pay for what you are buying. You do not pay the agent. The agent gets paid from the side of the seller. The seller hires us to do the job of selling their property. So, if you are buying, our services to you are FREE!

Call me and I can show you how this works?


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